For Pregnancy

We offer classes to maintain strength, flexibility and your figure.

As pregnancy progresses and a baby grows bigger, your normal posture changes and a strain is put on joints, muscles and all other soft tissues. Movement becomes restricted and the blood supply to the tissues is reduced. Normal breathing patterns can be disturbed as the internal organs fight for space. The pelvic floor can be weakened during pregnancy which can lead to incontinence later. Pilates addresses all these problems. It strengthens your muscles to support your joints and focuses on breathing and pelvic floor support through exercises.

The carefully choreographed movements of the Pilates technique give you a greater range of motion, building your strength whilst making you more supple. Pilates helps you to be more in control of both the physical and mental aspects of your body and thus better equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. During this precious time with your developing baby, Pilates will allow you to feel good about yourself and more comfortable in this temporary, changing body.

Exercising the Pilates way at The Pilates Room will reap rewards both during and after your pregnancy and will help you avoid those problems caused by poor posture and muscle imbalances. The Pilates technique can definitely help to develop a stronger body and make your pregnancy a better experience.

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